Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse

eSports is becoming a thing now. When you hear sports back in the day, you will always think about physical sports like football or basketball.

But, eSports is slowly becoming a trend and there is some serious money to be had when you win.

There are a lot of eSports games that you can participate and most of them are from different genres. We have a MOBA game in the form of Dota 2; we have a Real-time Strategy game in the form of Starcraft 2; and we also have a first-person shooting game in the form of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

To excel in these games and in eSports in general, you need to be well-equipped. You need a gaming mouse that can handle the pressure; you need a gaming mouse that can handle the clicks and the rages and everything that comes with eSports.

Well, I just happen to find a gaming mouse that fits that description. Today, I am going to talk about the Mionix Castor.

The Mionix Castor is a gaming mouse that is perfectly crafted for right-handed gamers. The design of this gaming peripheral is ergonomic. There are rubber side grips that help you hold the mouse for extended periods of time.

In fact, the makers of this gaming mouse said that the mouse is so ergonomic that all of your 5 fingers will perfectly fit the gaming mouse even if you’re playing for hours on end.

The Mionix Castor gaming mouse uses an optical sensor with a DPI reaching up to 10,000. Optical sensors are the preferred sensors in eSports gaming because of its proven record of performance.

You see, optical sensors work on just about any surface and it is always very accurate. Although laser sensors have since been revamped, many people still prefer the optical sensor in gaming mice.

On top of that, the Mionix Castor has zero acceleration. This means that when you move the mouse to the left, there is no input lag and the mouse will quickly register the movement on the screen.

The Mionix Castor is a good gaming mouse and that it can support a lot of grip styles such as palm grip, claw grip, and the finger grip. This gaming mouse is a little bit smaller than its counterparts, the Mionix Naos and the Mionix Avior which means that whenever you try a certain grip, your mileage will vary depending on the size of your hands.

The Mionix Castor also comes with their proprietary “Aurora” lighting which is just their fancy naming scheme for the RGB lighting. You can customize the lighting as well as the six programmable buttons by using the Mionix software.

Speaking of 6 programmable buttons, this mouse comes with 6 buttons, 4 of which you can assign macros to.

This is pretty basic and standard stuff but the Mionix Castor really shines when it comes to performance.

This gaming mouse is so good that a lot of pro gamers actually use this particular gaming mouse in eSports competitions.

Even though Mionix is not a well-known company compared to other gaming peripheral greats like the Steelseries and Razer, the Mionix Castor is a gaming mouse that you can be proud of.